Door Frame Metal Detector

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  1. Walk Through Door Frame Metal Detector

      Micro controller based , advanced SMD technology , ultra high sensitivity upto 9 levels, multi tone audio ,whether proof , auto set calibration , LCD display for message and intelligent counter.
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    • Four Zone Door Frame Metal Detector

        Four Zone Detection , Micro Controller based , Advanced SMD Technology , Auto Set Calibration , Self Test Program , Battery Backup , Plug In Type PCB , Digitally Controlled Sensitivity ,Threshold , and Volume, Independent Sensitivity of Each Zone.
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      • Multizone Metal Detector

          Multi zone detection , micro controller based , advanced SMD technology , auto set calibration, self test program , battery back up , plug in type PCB , Digitally controlled sensitivity ,threshold and volume , independent sensitivity setting of each zone,
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        • Metal Detector Door

            Micro controller based , auto set calibration , plug in type PCB , Weather proof , LCD display for message , detect ferrous and non ferrous metal , ultra high sensitivity.
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